Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hey Peoples!!!

This is Randy, just checking in with my peoples.  Life at sea is pretty awesome.  The gigs are going well and i will have plenty of hilarious stories to tell when i get back.  I like the job and have met many new and fun friends from all around the world.  I really miss making the weekly show and i miss my co-host(s) and all of you very much, but it's hard out there for a seaman.....and a pimp i guess.  If you haven't heard all of the shows please take this break of ours to catch up, and i look forward to being back at the old Dirty Cabin.  Oh... and i just pooted.  Peace - Randy

Funny story number one -
so i met these 2 guys from 'the islands' (jamaica??)  and i asked for one fella's name.  he said 'wayne mon'.  i said 'your name is wayne man??' before it could even dawn on me how dumb i was he replied 'no... just wayne'.  that's just the tip of the iceberg... wait ... maybe i shouldn't mention icebergs on a big ship....but anyway. you get the point.  i'll report back with more of my stupidity as it happens.  :)

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